About OnePlan

OnePlan are the world’s leading events planning software company – pioneering innovation in digital twin technology.

Since they launched their tools have been used to plan over 35,000 events in 107 countries. From small local festivals to major international events – OnePlan’s tool have been used to plan everything from cheese festivals to the Olympics.

Sustainability and Innovation

OnePlan is a climate positive organisation – meaning they offset more CO2 emissions than they create. Their innovative events technology helps companies produce events in a sustainable way.

We worked with OnePlan to build the brand’s profile. Focussing on the UK and US media over one year we achieved:
  • 100 pieces, including in many leading national and sporting targets
  • Exclusives for founder Paul Foster and OnePlan in The Telegraph, Sports Business Journal, The MetroThe ExpressUKTN, and more
  • Multiple appearances on BBC radio shows and leading business podcasts
  • Launched a ‘MessiMania” campaign resulting in multiple national hits including The Sun