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Every year, we sit down as a company and discuss our goals and aims, as well as reminding ourselves of our core values — recapping why we do what we do, who we want to be, and who we want to work for.

Now in our ninth year, many of these goals have changed and evolved, but the one thread that ties everything together is our ambition to work with game changers, innovators, and big thinkers who inspire us and help them to get their message out there and make an impact.

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible people and brands across many sectors, so to celebrate Earth Day, we wanted to highlight some of the campaigns we’ve worked on around reversing the effects of climate change, which has become an increasingly important focus for us.

As I write this post, I’ve just read the news that the Scottish Government is planning to “ditch their climate change target” of reducing greenhouse gases by 75% by 2030. Sadly, this sort of headline has become all too familiar and it highlights how today — more than ever — we need to look to businesses and brands for real innovation and leadership.

Below we’ve highlighted a few of the changemakers who are doing brilliant work to combat climate change.

Jeff Dewing — Mindsett & The Reef Company

As a trailblazing ‘International Energiser’ and Group CEO of environmentally conscious facilities management company Cloud, Jeff Dewing is passionate about finding new innovations that help reverse the effects of climate change.

One of these innovations is Cloud’s platform Mindsett, which prevents and reduces carbon emissions by changing behaviour and helping businesses achieve net zero.

In 2023, we supported Jeff in creating a promotional video for the Vistage EMEA Summit to announce Mindsett’s collaboration with The Reef Company, which is dedicated to revitalising the world’s oceans. By joining forces, Mindsett and The Reef Company have created a dual solution for businesses looking to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon sinks by restoring the oceans.


This event and venue planning platform is a prime example of a technology company breaking new ground in sustainability.

Their innovative technology maps out event spaces for coordinators, allowing them to access all of their interlocking plans in one platform, phasing out the need for inefficient PowerPoint presentations. The technology is powerful enough to create digital twins of event spaces — such as their work with the ExCel centre in London or for the Paris Olympic Games this year — and it’s here that their remarkable green credentials emerge.

They drastically reduce the need for on-site visits, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint for event planning teams, particularly at large national or international events that usually involve extensive travel.

Waste management, water and sanitation, energy consumption — all of these can be factored into the platform and improved year on year or event by event.

“Our calculations show that with 75 per cent fewer site visits now needed, using OnePlan also cuts our CO2 emissions by 2.2 tonnes per year.” 

Rob Kennison, Finish Director for the Tour of Britain

They estimate that for a major event, their software can deliver a reduction of 20K tonnes of CO2 per year.

Thinking Hat’s Media team secured coverage for the platform across numerous publications, including a great feature in Global Sustainable Sport.


The global retailer is committed to using its culture of innovation for good by investing in initiatives that do good for people and the planet. One of its most recent initiatives was the pop-up Second Chance Store in Central London, launched at the end of 2023.

The in-person store was an extension of the retailer’s year-round online Second Chance Store, where customers can shop refurbished items, recycle or trade in their own old products, and get broken items repaired.

Two of our Hatters took a trip to visit the store, launched in collaboration with UK children’s charity Barnardo’s, to learn more about how the repairs programme works and see the range of products available to second-hand shoppers. With proceeds from each purchase going to Barnardo’s, it was a great chance for shoppers to support a brilliant charity as well as the circular economy.

Liv learning how Amazon give a second life to refurbished products.

Pollution Solution

Founded from a lightbulb moment by former client, Thomas Delgado, environmental tech company Pollution Solution started with a goal and passion to improve and save lives around the globe. Road transportation contributes to approximately 30% of the air pollution in the UK and the company’s in-road filtration system, Roadvent®, reduces roadside levels of these harmful vehicle emissions by 91%.

Our PR campaign in 2022 effectively launched Pollution Solution to mass media, including the BBC, Forbes, and trade press, spotlighting their cutting-edge solutions for a cleaner, greener future. Thankfully, it’s now common knowledge that air pollution is the “invisible killer” and it’s great to see more proactive measures are being taken by local boroughs and their councillors. In 2024, we’re pleased to hear that Lewisham Council has received funding from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund which they intend to use to install a Roadvent in the borough.

Did you enjoy this round-up? Discover more of our favourite businesses doing their bit to combat climate change, or let us know your thoughts by getting in touch here.