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Grace Williams joined the team on an internship in July 2023, and in a short space of time has demonstrated she’s a great team player with a diligent and positive approach to her work. I caught up with her to find out how her career in media began, and what highlights she can share.  

Grace, have you always been passionate about PR or media?  

I have always been really interested in American politics and presidents, which as I grew up turned into an interest in political communications. I’ve read countless books about everyone from JFK to Obama and this really sparked my interest in brand identity and communications, whether that’s a personal or company brand.  

This led to my study of Media and Communications at The University of Winchester, where I loved getting involved in campaign-building courses and learning the ins and outs of audience relationships. Of course, I couldn’t not mention my mum – who is an absolute PR Queen herself. Growing up listening to her fabulous stories from her days in PR I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps. 

Grace (R) with her mum.

Your internship at Thinking Hat PR began in Summer 2023. What initially led you to apply? 

I first heard about Thinking Hat through friends and had seen some of the great things they were doing with clients like Deliveroo and Amazon. So, I reached out and turns out they were looking for aspiring interns in PR, Content and Comms – ultimately worked out perfectly!  

I first interviewed with Nic and Emma, (MDs), and even though it was over Zoom it was a great first introduction and they immediately took the intimidation out of starting somewhere new!

I then met the rest of the team who were so welcoming and seemed excited to have me on board, which is always nice.  

Also being invited to the ‘Hatter of the Month’ social on my first day made sure the internship was off to a great start. I’m easily won over by prosecco, especially in the boardroom! 

What stands out for you in your daily work? Do you have any highlights to share since joining the team? 

For me, the best part is having the chance to work with some great fashion and retail clients that I’m truly passionate about, as well as learning from such a range of clients – from trampoline fitness to financial crime prevention

Some of the internship highlights so far have been seeing pieces of content I’ve written published online – It’s really rewarding at such an early start in your career to see your own piece of work out there. And getting the chance to take the lead on creating content and writing pitches for clients shows the huge display of trust and support the team puts behind you – the feeling of getting positive feedback on this work from clients and praise from the team is unmatched!  

Grace (L) with Aerin, Roslyn, Sarah, Dani, and Matt.

Are there any causes or sectors that are close to your heart?  

One of the things I’m passionate about is the promotion of women in the workplace, particularly in c-suite and executive roles. I believe in engaging young girls with leadership roles in their education, so they are encouraged from every angle to aim high in everything they do.  

I believe women serve as the ultimate benefit to leading positions in the workplace – no matter who they are outside of work; a mother, a wife, daughter, sister, carer…  

I especially love seeing all the women at Thinking Hat who are smashing it as MDs, heads of department and Account Directors – part of the reason I was so keen to join and have loved learning from all the incredibly hard-working women here.    

And what about outside of work. What are some of your favourite ways to switch off after a long week?  

I must admit nothing beats finishing a long week with an extra spicy margarita and a bit of reality TV catchup – it’s my guilty pleasure!   

Dotty with puppy Hudson (named after the Hudson river).

I love food and I love to cook for my huge family (I’m one of 5 girls) – may seem counterintuitive but I love whipping up a bit of an extravagant dinner once I’ve shut the laptop, it’s a great time for my brain to switch off.  Although it often ends up in a bit of a hectic rush to get everything on the table and me admitting to my sisters that the weeknight 3-course meal is ‘not my best work’.

I also adore my two Labradors so spend as much time with them as possible, which mostly means sneaking them what’s left of said 3-course dinner under the table. 

But seriously, I couldn’t imagine a more ideal environment to kickstart my career in, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly – it feels like a family and if the monthly socials are anything to go by – a crazy, fun-loving family who wouldn’t say no to the pub!  

Now, I overheard at our last team social that you have ties to South Africa, and love Cape Town. I’m from Joburg myself, but tell me, what’s one thing everyone should do in South Africa’s Mother City? 

Oh, having a glass of wine and watching the sunset over Camps Bay! Or driving a bit further up towards Bantry Bay and taking in the incredible 12 Apostles view. 

Got a few more minutes to spare? Connect with Grace on LinkedIn, or spend 5 minutes with some of the our other Hatters.