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Content Writer Olivia Cox joined the team in late 2023, and in a short space of time has shown a talent with words and with clients, and hasn’t hesitated to make her mark at Thinking Hat!

Olivia, Liv. Have you always been a passionate writer?  

My earliest memories of writing are creating short stories when I was a child, which I’d eagerly present to my mum to read, alongside a corresponding wordsearch and follow-up quiz I’d also make sure to check that she’d paid attention. 

I then took my passion for words in a slightly different direction as I moved through school, discovering my love for acting and the theatre, which led me to study Drama at Bath Spa University. 

While I finished my degree having accepted I am perhaps not quite thick-skinned enough to crack the notoriously ruthless world of showbiz, I did leave university with a revived interest in writing. I genuinely enjoyed writing my dissertation — I even did a baby-themed photoshoot to celebrate handing it in — and was thrilled to be awarded a prize for Outstanding Achievement in Written Work at my graduation. 

After spending some time during lockdown as a contributor for a magazine and learning the ropes of copywriting through an online diploma, I spent two years in a copywriter role, where I put my knowledge into practice and discovered what makes compelling content. 

What’s the best part of your role as a Content Writer on the Strategic Communications team at Thinking Hat?  

Having loved writing content such as blogs, ebooks, and case studies in my previous role, I knew I wanted my next career move to involve a content-focused role.  

When I saw that Thinking Hat PR were hiring for a new Content Writer, and having seen examples of the great work they were doing with a wide range of clients, I knew I had to apply. Getting to meet different members of the team throughout my interview process confirmed to me that Thinking Hat PR would be a brilliant place to work!  

My favourite part of my new role is easily the variety. No two days look the same for me; one day I might be writing social media content for a business leader, another day I might be writing a blog for a global corporation about the year’s best podcasts. I love working for an agency, where each client is unique – it offers the chance to get myself acquainted with a different sector or industry. 

I work within the Strategic Communications team, and it’s fantastic to work alongside brilliant writers who I can bounce ideas off and learn from. 

I completely agree. Similar to my role in video production at the agency, I never tire of learning from innovators and entrepreneurs in a range of sectors. Is there a highlight so far that you can share?

I’m so happy I was able to hit the ground running from day one at Thinking Hat PR, and it’s incredibly rewarding to know I’ve already made an impact within the team. 

Liv on site at the Amazon Second Chance store, December 2023.

There are a few pieces of work I’ve been particularly proud of, but my biggest highlight so far has to be publishing my first bylined article on About Amazon UK! I got to visit the Amazon Second Chance store, launched in partnership with Barnardo’s, and learn more about how the store supports a circular economy while raising money for a great charity. 

On the social side — because Hatters love a social — my highlight was definitely last year’s Christmas party. It was lovely to get glammed up and enjoy a boogie with my teammates!     

At Thinking Hat, we’re passionate about campaigns that champion important causes – from improvements to environment and sustainability through to raising awareness about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Do you have any causes or sectors close to your heart? 

In my second year of university, I volunteered in a local charity shop run by the organisation Mercy In Action, which was a really rewarding way to use some of my spare time. 

Diversity and inclusion are also particularly close to my heart, and I was lucky enough to get to host events such as a Pride panel and a Black History Month speaker in my previous job role. I’ve already had the chance to write content centered around diversity and inclusion at Thinking Hat PR, and I’m looking forward to getting involved with more of these opportunities.   

Wow, a talent with speaking as well. Perhaps we can work together on something for video. And what’s your favourite way to switch off after a long week?

Aside from catching up with friends and family, my favourite thing to do in my free time is go to the theatre. I love watching anything from a buzzy new play to a classic musical — my mum and I have been to see Les Misérables four times! I always come away from watching a production with strong opinions, so one of my 2024 goals is to start a blog where I write theatre reviews — I’ve gotten the ball rolling with two reviews so far this month!  

In Liverpool for Eurovision 2023

I’m also a bit of a film buff, and I’ll usually go to the cinema a couple of times per month to see the latest releases. I even wrote an article about the lessons marketers can learn from Ken to coincide with the much-anticipated Barbie movie last year.     

But, as anyone who knows me will be well aware, my other major (and rather nerdy) passion is Eurovision! I’ve been watching the contest since I was eight years old, and my life well and truly peaked last year when I got to go to Liverpool to watch the Grand Final. I sadly won’t be going to Sweden for the 2024 contest, but I can promise I will bore any Hatter who will listen by talking about it incessantly when May rolls around. 

I love your passion for music, performance and entertainment, thanks, Liv! I can already see the curtains rising for a team social this year.

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