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Aerin Morris joined the team on a Summer internship and has quickly shown her enthusiasm for PR and media. I caught up with Aerin to find out more about her roots, and how it feels being a fully-fledged member of the team.

Hey Aerin! Off the bat, what sparked your passion for PR?

I grew up in a marketing family – everyone either working or studying in that field – so it was only a matter of time before I also joined in on the fun. I never thought I’d be as passionate about this field as I am now, as during high school I was so set on becoming a tattoo artist. That was all until COVID, when I applied for a job at my dad’s marketing company. I immediately enjoyed the work I was doing, and realised that I could see myself having a successful career in this area. 

The internship brought you to Thinking Hat. Describe the journey for us. 

I moved to London about two years ago, and since moving here I’ve had a massive boost of motivation and wanted to gain experience in similar areas, including PR. I had a friend who worked at the company reach out, and I immediately jumped on that opportunity. Three months in and I am completely genuine when I say it’s been the best work experience I’ve had so far. 

And what’s been keeping you busy? 

I started with the consumer team, assisting on projects. Quickly, this progressed into opportunities such as writing a press release to promote one of Thinking Hat’s PR partnerships, which was featured in PR Week, BDaily, and others, which I’d have to say is a highlight for me. It was just really fulfilling to have accomplished something like that and see my work online. I have also spread out to work with the social team, where I’ve drafted captions and created graphics for our client’s social accounts. 

I’m now an account executive, and I’d love to continue progressing within the company, hopefully building relationships with journalists and writing more press releases! 

What’s the best part about the onboarding process? The vibe.

Slay. Aerin Morris giving American in the UK.

The people, 100%. Everyone at Thinking Hat has been so welcoming and kind, it genuinely makes me excited to go into work. Being the youngest, I was nervous that maybe I’d come off as inexperienced or even immature, but after working alongside some of the sweetest and most understanding people, I’ve really been able to be myself and be more confident in my work.  

One client that has really stood out to me has been ((BOUNCE)). Their energy and emphasis on self-love has made it so fun to work with them. Sitting on the case study calls especially has been so moving – the franchisees are so passionate and dedicated to their job it’s beautiful.  

At Thinking Hat, we are passionate about campaigns that champion equal rights, diversity and inclusivity. Do you have any causes or sectors close to your heart?  

I’m very passionate about LGBT+ and Women’s issues, especially being from a small conservative town in California where me and my friends really had to really stick up for ourselves against homophobic and sexist comments. I’ve just been surrounded by a lot of very small-minded people for a lot of my life and have witnessed discrimination against people closest to me, so the anger and frustration it’s given me has made me so much more passionate about these issues.  

Go off. Ok, fab, and what’s your favourite way to switch off after a long week – any hobbies or unique interests? From trivia nights, we know music is a big one for you.

I really do love just being alone in my room, listening to music or drawing to de-stress. Music is honestly so important to me, I don’t think I can go an hour without having a song playing. I have playlists for every mood, from punk, classic rock, and rap, to 90s jazz and drum & bass… it’s very eclectic. Definitely have my parents to thank for my taste, they made sure I was well-versed in my music history.

If I’m not off in my own little world listening to music, I’m usually finding ways to grow my knick knack collections. Stepping into my room is like stepping into a museum dedicated to vintage Kewpie dolls and Miffy, which I have been told is ‘quite scary’ and ‘unnerving’! I would definitely consider myself a maximalist when it comes to my room decor. Other than all of that, I also enjoy going out for a drink with friends or spending time with my sister!

Love it. Thanks, Aerin. Got a few more minutes to spare? Spend 5 minutes with some of the other Hatters, here.