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In the latest installment of ‘Five Minutes with..’ we’re chatting to our Senior PR Executive and budding Pizzaiolo, Roslyn Tear… 

Roslyn, how did your career in media begin?  

I have always been an avid reader and went on to study English Literature at Newcastle University to immerse myself in various literary genres, themes, and epochs, opening my eyes to the power of storytelling. 

When I completed my degree, I realised that I wanted to take my passion for writing into a more practical role. That’s when I discovered the world of public relations. I connected with the idea of crafting a narrative for clients and bringing their stories to life. Eager to hone my skills, I pursued a Master’s in PR and I’ve been in PR ever since!  

Tell us about your role, and what brought you to THPR.  

My first job was in the cryptocurrency and Web 3 landscape which was fast-paced and definitely kept me on my toes. However, being new to the working world of PR, I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself in a niche industry. I came across Thinking Hat in my job search and I loved learning about the opportunity to work with an exciting variety of clients. Having been here for 7 months or so, I can say that each day is genuinely different.   

What’s the best part of your job as Senior PR Executive?  

Working on the captivating stories of my clients who are making a splash in their respective industries alongside a fun and supportive team who definitely pass the ‘vibe check’ (an essential trait of being a Hatter.) There’s always a friendly atmosphere in the office and we certainly know how to unwind and have a laugh at our monthly socials. 

Do you have a career highlight you’d like to share? 

That would have to be working on the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting which was a highly morally charged issue (see our case study here!) It was truly rewarding to see the ban pass its Third Reading in the House of Commons and collaborate with household celebrity spokespeople like Dame Joanna Lumley and Downton Abbey’s Peter Egan.  

Do you have any causes close to your heart?  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is close to my heart as it underpins the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and have access to opportunities and resources needed to thrive. I’m fortunate to work with clients that are committed to delivering DE&I objectives to foster deeper creativity and understanding.  

What’s your favourite way to switch off after a long week/any hobbies & interests?  

I’m a real foodie and love going out to try new cuisines or cooking from home – I consider myself a bit of a Pizzaiolo and love firing up my pizza oven whenever I get the chance. 

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