With a Christmas campaign on the move, Deliveroo asked Thinking Hat to help deliver big results in 2021. Thinking Hat was appointed as the strategic PR and Influencer agency partner for Deliveroo’s Cracker’s Cracking Hunger campaign for Christmas 2021. Thinking Hat chose Kojo Anim to be the face of the campaign – a cult comedian who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Kojo also wrote the jokes for the campaign crackers – a Christmas essential.

The campaign was part of Deliveroo’s broader charity initiative ‘Full Life’. It aimed to introduce a range of Christmas crackers priced at £10 per box, all of which would be donated to food waste charities FareShare and The Felix Project and provide crucial food supplies to families in need during Christmas.

THPR’s objective was to bring awareness to Deliveroo’s Full Life initiative and in just 10 weeks we took the campaign from pitch to live. Despite a media landscape already saturated with Christmas campaigns we were able to deliver substantial media coverage across online and print outlets.

“We are very grateful for Deliveroo’s and Kojo’s support to the communities that FareShare supports across the UK, at a time when that help is really needed.”Lindsay Boswell, CEO at FareShare


  • We achieved widespread national broadcast and print coverage with a total of 74 pieces. 60% of these featured Deliveroo in prominent outlets such as Daily Mirror, The Sun, My London, The Week, and more, with a total reach of more than 226 million.
  • To amplify the campaign, we also engaged and coordinated specific micro- and macro-influencers, collectively boasting a follower count of almost two million.

“What I love about this campaign is that it does more than just deliver a Christmas meal to someone in need – it brings the community to them.” – Kojo Anim

Thanks to strong collaborative teamwork from all involved under an extremely tight deadline, 6,450 meals were donated to households in need with over £3,400 donated to the Full Life initiative through the Deliveroo app during the campaign.