Sony Music


In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement sparked global protests and calls for justice, pushing conversations on structural racism and social inequality.

Motivated by the movement, Sony Music Group created a $100 million ‘Social Impact Fund’ to tackle racial injustice, support communities and help address inequality for lasting change. Sony’s efforts toward the cause are still ongoing today and, in addition to providing the beneficiaries with funding, Sony is supporting these causes on a holistic level with employees and artists becoming involved through volunteering their time and skills, mentorship, leading workshops and more.


We worked with Sony to raise awareness about the fund in the UK and generate widespread press coverage across national newspapers, TV and radio such as iNews and Business Insider. Thinking Hat also secured coverage in music-focused outlets like NME, Record of the Day, Music Week and Music Business Worldwide.

We also worked closely with the charities and beneficiaries they supported – providing strategic council, guidance and media training.

In addition to generating media coverage for Sony’s Social Impact Fund, Thinking Hat also developed, designed and created a Social Justice Fund Impact Report to highlight the real-world impact of their work.