Jeff Dewing


Jeff Dewing is the CEO of Cloudfm and author of ‘Doing the Opposite’ – a No.1 bestselling book following his incredible journey from owning a successful business (and football club) to losing it all and having only £7.60 in his bank account. Despite this, Jeff, who started his career as a fridge and air-conditioning engineer, managed to turn his life around and build a new business from £1m to £70m turnover within four years.

Throughout the process, Jeff has transformed the facilities management industry and is projected to achieve £250 million by 2026. He attributes much of his success to his belief that you should never take the easy, straightforward path – if you challenge things and do the opposite, good things will happen.

“Business leaders must create space for their employees to explore the areas they are interested in. refusing to do so will land your team on the road to apathy and quiet quitting.”Jeff Dewing, CEO, Cloudfm & Mindsett


In 2021, Thinking Hat worked with Jeff to launch a campaign sharing his steps to success as a business leader, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, securing eye-catching press coverage and national media opportunities.

In 2022, Thinking Hat shifted gears on its approach to the campaign. With Jeff’s achievements already established, the campaign began to centre around the key values of these lessons such as thought leadership, guidance and mentorship. Jeff’s mission was to educate, inspire and impart his wisdom to fellow entrepreneurs; Thinking Hat provided the medium through quality and carefully placed media opportunities.


Thinking Hat has generated over 35 pieces of media coverage for Jeff in outlets such as The Express, the Mirror and CEO Monthly. In addition to press coverage, we have helped Cloudfm create inspirational keynote presentations highlighting core subjects like recruitment and retention, service excellence and how to build a world-beating culture. These keynotes were delivered by Jeff globally. We also helped Jeff promote his podcast, also titled ‘Doing the Opposite’, of which Jeff is the host.