Pollution Solution


Founded from a lightbulb moment, environmental tech company Pollution Solution started with a goal and passion to improve and save lives around the globe.

Air pollution is now a well-documented health pandemic. Road transportation contributes to approximately 24% of the EU’s CO2 emissions. When serial entrepreneur and CEO Tom Delgado created the brand in 2014, knowledge about air pollution being linked to respiratory illness and death was harder to come by and much less of a public concern. Thankfully, in 2023 it’s common knowledge that air pollution is the “invisible killer” and as such, proactive measures can be taken. An example of Pollution Solution’s work is the Roadvent®, an in-road filtration system designed to collect and eliminate 30% of harmful vehicle emissions.

“Roadvent® is already available for installation and is the first, innovative, proactive and highly effective solution in reducing human exposure to road-based emissions.”Tom Delgado, Inventor, CEO & Founder

Pollution Solution’s senior management team share a common passion for reducing air pollution on a global scale and, between them, share over 50 years of combined experience across automotive, air pollution and roadway construction sectors.


In collaboration with specialised journalists in environment, sustainability, energy, and tech, our PR campaign effectively launched Pollution Solution to mass media, spotlighting their cutting-edge solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

To date, we have generated coverage for Tom and Pollution Solution across national and trade media including Reuters TV, The Times, Mail Online, BBC Newsround, BBC 3 Counties Radio, Air Quality News, Auto Express, and more.