PatientView is a global research, publishing & consultancy group that puts patient opinion at the heart of important healthcare decisions, centred on an annual survey of patient groups, NGOs and healthcare charities across the world. PatientView has an impressive reach of 40,000 patient groups from most therapy areas across almost every country worldwide. By connecting with senior leadership in each organisation via interviews and online questionnaires, PatientView leverages feedback from international patients to enact change whenever decisions are made in the healthcare industry that might affect patient welfare.

“One of the things that’s coming out of our data is that the companies that merely give money and walk away are the ones that are least well thought of and the ones that are really helping and working together and sharing with patient groups are better thought of.” – Alex Wyke, PatientView CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the fragility of the healthcare industry and specifically global strategies and attitudes toward patients. We worked with PatientView to create an end-to-end multichannel content campaign based around their research paper “Being Patient-Centric after a Pandemic”. Targeting business audiences in the pharmaceutical industry as well as regulators, the campaign we produced an email marketing campaign, supported by a social media campaign focusing on leadership audiences across LinkedIn and Twitter. The research is a high-value product with a small customer base, so we worked to make qualitative and long-form sales material to help push their customers into a sale.


The campaign was hugely successful for PatientView, contributing to a major contract with a leading pharmaceutical company and demonstrating the ability to influence global pharmaceutical decision-makers.

Since 2021, we have launched PatientView’s annual Corporate Reputation of Pharma Report, driving a record number of patient group responses in 2023 and increasing PatientView’s pharmaceutical customer base. We have also streamlined web user experience, resulting in improvements in retention, engagement, and lead generation – and launched a second annual survey focusing on ESG in Pharma. Additionally, we created a B2B social media presence to significantly improve brand equity and audience reach within pharmaceutical and patient-group decision-makers.