Jamie Waller is a self-made millionaire and investor turned author, on a mission to shine a light on the opportunity presented by seemingly ‘unsexy’ businesses. His business, Firestarters, is a £13 million pound investment fund for start-ups in early-stage development (£2 to 20 million turnover) or as Jamie puts it, ‘bread and butter businesses’. Jamie’s entrepreneurial journey has seen him excel in real estate, finance, and technology, with a remarkable track record of creating and scaling businesses.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at just sixteen years old, Jamie went on to establish and successfully divest numerous international businesses. Possessing the spirit of exploration, he melds his entrepreneurial acumen with charitable campaigns. An accomplished writer and a consistent participant in daring feats to raise funds for the less fortunate, Jamie has become a port of call for aspiring young business visionaries and those grappling with dyslexia, a cause for which he strongly advocates.


We worked closely with Jamie to help establish Firestarters as a unique investment fund. As part of the campaign, we developed and created a book and podcast series called ‘Unsexy Business’ – to champion slow-growth, traditional, British backbone businesses.

Over the campaign, we secured coverage in The Times, Metro, BBC, LBC and a regular contributor column in Forbes. Unsexy Businesses went on to become a huge success, and was a WH Smiths recommendation when published.