UN Women


UN Women, formally known as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, is a pivotal global organisation founded in 2010 to champion gender equality and women’s empowerment. Operating under the United Nations, UN Women works tirelessly to eradicate discrimination and violence against women, promote women’s leadership, and advance economic opportunities for women worldwide. Their multifaceted initiatives span from policy advocacy and research to on-the-ground programs, focusing on issues like women’s rights, political participation, economic inclusion, and ending gender-based violence. UN Women plays a critical role in fostering a more equitable and just world for all, guided by the principles of gender equality enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

On a global scale, women possess three-quarters of the legal rights provided to men according to a study by World Bank Group.


HeForShe is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of gender equality, initiated by the UN. Its goal is to achieve equality by encouraging all genders to partake as agents of change and act against negative stereotypes and behaviours.

We supported HeForShe during London Arts Week to raise awareness about their campaign in top-tier UK media. As part of the event, they turned the Tate Modern magenta – creating highly impactful images we were able to share.


We secured coverage across key commuter press including the Evening Standard (twice) and the Metro. The campaign was also featured on Sky News (twice), and on Channel Five News and the event was listed across major London guides such as Timeout London.