Howie Blend


The Howie Blend brand is centred around healthy and realistic representations of different dynamics within families, emphasising what makes every individual unique. Not just for children, Howie Blend is a dynamic brand encompassing TV programmes, books, merchandise and an educational app to support parents in their child’s development.

Jennie, who is the wife of Sam White, decided to write the book when she realised how out of touch so many children’s books were and how they didn’t represent the fastest-growing family dynamic in the UK – stepfamilies.

“My mission is to leave this world better than I found it. For me, this starts with raising better children and educating them to become better adults.” – Jennie Guay, Author


Since working with Jennie, THPR has secured full-page coverage in publications such as Metro, iNews and the Mirror. Jennie also regularly appears in podcasts in the UK and the US . Howie Blend is available for purchase from well-known booksellers such as Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.