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In the eight years of growing and building Thinking Hat PR, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing women from across the globe. 

To me, this agency is a vibrant and creative place to work, and it’s that combination of energy, culture and diversity that has made it what it is today. For any agency, diversity is a superpower.

Diversity of people leads to diversity of thought and creativity – and that’s what delivers strong results for clients. Especially when working with clients whose target audiences might be vastly different. You need to be able to speak to everybody, no matter the campaign.

Earlier this month, on International Women’s Day, I wrote about representation in PR in a blog titled “Diversity and me”. In it, I wrote about how I learned to use my points of difference as a professionally useful tool.

As we wrap up March, aka Women’s History Month, I want to spotlight some of the women in my team (who are absolutely bossing it!), and who they’re most inspired by. As an MD, my job isn’t just to manage my colleagues, but to guide and help them. And my message to the ladies in my team this month is to embrace their differences, and use them to their full effect.

We asked our team members to tell us about the women that inspire them. From famous authors and singers to personal stories of family heroes, everyone has an inspiring female figure in their life.

Danielle, Account Director of our Consumer PR team, said: “A woman who inspires me is the author of Wild Swans, Jung Chang,” she said. 

“Through her work, I’ve gotten to know my Chinese roots as well as an understanding of what life was like for my mother and my grandmother.” 

Melissa, Content Executive in our Strategic Communications team, singled out Beyonce as an inspiration. “She has a great work ethic, she’s very diligent and she has great vision. Whenever I need some inspiration and motivation, I always look to her.”

It’s amazing to see the different figures that inspire the team, and I’m so proud that such a strong and varied list of inspirational women is influencing the work done here at Thinking Hat!

In a similar vein, someone who inspires me massively is the incredible Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner. Despite what many may think of the family, no one can doubt this woman’s aptitude for business and her ability to seize and create multi-million pound opportunities. 

Her work ethic is insane. At 67 years old, she still rises at 4 or 5 a.m. to exercise before undertaking a gruelling day of meetings and engagements. Wealth and fame aside, what really inspires me about Kris Jenner is her discipline, which she seems to have in abundance and I truly believe that’s contributed significantly to her success. 

Being able to see other women embrace their best qualities and absolutely smash it is something that should inspire women in all areas of life.

None of us have ever walked the same path, and it’s our individual experiences and perspectives that make us all so worthy and special. Thank you, ladies, and to all the other inspiring women, who have contributed massively to our successes in life, and at Thinking Hat! 

Read Emma’s International Women’s Day blog, Diversity and Me.