A City Law Firm


A City Law Firm (ACLF) are one of the most disruptive law firms in the UK, thanks to their pioneering work with LGBTQ communities and their unrivalled expertise in scale-up and start-up businesses. In 2019, Karen Holden – founder of ACLF – was one of few women invited to ‘Freedom of the City’, an honour previously bestowed upon Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher, and most recently represented transgender parent Freddy McConnell in his legal battle to be named ‘father’ or ‘parent’ on his child’s birth certificate.


Collaborating since 2016, we’ve partnered closely with ACLF’s founder and eminent lawyer, Karen Holden, strategically positioning ACLF as trailblazers in business, commercial, and family law. Our bond transcends mere client-consultant ties, underscoring ACLF as our preferred legal firm. We take pride in endorsing them unequivocally, solidifying our endorsement through a time-tested relationship that extends beyond traditional professional connections.


Our efforts have increased their presence and awareness across diverse B2B and B2C media channels in the UK. Karen’s profile has been featured on Daily Mail and Good Housekeeping to LBC and Sky News, establishing her as a recurring expert legal commentator.


The team at Thinking Hat PR have completely changed the way I see myself and the firm – I can’t endorse them enough.

Karen Holden, Founder